Right Now

The immediate goal of this site is nostalgia.  There are a number of google hits for “camp lackey” (with quotes), but most are news stories about the 2007 fire or just mention that the camp existed.  There don’t appear to be any sites for people who were campers or on the staff at Camp Lackey.  That is what this site is for.  Tell your stories.  Read other peoples’ stories.  Remember.

Camp Lackey Lives!

The long-term goal of this site is the resurrection of Camp Lackey.  I don’t know who owns the land now and I don’t know how the camp would be resurrected, but this is what I hope to see in my lifetime.  Maybe the YMCA could be convinced to somehow get the camp up and running again.  Maybe one person or a group of people could put together enough money to buy / rent / lease the land.  Maybe it will happen.  Probably it won’t.  Hopes and dreams do matter though, and this is mine.