Ill post the few pictures that I still have.  I only have 1 or 2 prints from when the camp was in operation.  I have several pictures taken in the years after the camp shut down.  The recent pictures are of the ruins of Camp Lackey.  I'd like to get more pictures of the camp when it was alive.  If you have any photos of the camp before it was abandoned, please let me know.  Id like to post whatever I can get.

10.26.08, 7:25pm

I went through my digital photos and my regular sized (3"x5", 4"x6") prints and this is what I found.

Driving into camp one year I turned a corner and found a tow truck on the side of the road.  We never had any road trouble other than the one real powdery section (this wasn't it).  Even with the powdery section, if a normal car got stuck or couldn't make it out, we'd use a chain tied to the Ghost to pull the car up past the hard part.  I asked the tow truck guy what was going on.  He said some guy was driving drunk and ran off the road.
The Geo, along the road into camp one winter.  The road's pretty much clear throughout the spring / summer / fall, but around fall or winter, when the first big snow hits the area, there's standing snow covering the road for months on end.  This was the farthest I got that year.
This is what the area looks like during winter.  Even if you had a vehicle that could make it through the snow, you'd have a hard time knowing where the road went.
These metal gratings (we had 2 or 3) are what we used to drag the road leading into camp.  We'd put weights on the grating, then drag the grating down the road behind the Ghost.  Most of the road from Highway 243 to the metal gate (about 2.5 miles outside of camp) still gets drug (to this day, 2008) because there's other camping areas along the way.  It's easy to tell, past the metal gate, where the annual grating stops.
The Ghost.  It saw a lot of missions up and down the hill over the years.  Mostly trash (bagged) down and supplies up, but occasionally down the hill for a medical emergency.  Someone hauled the Ghost off one year, so it's gone now.
The infirmary.  The patient beds here were actual hospital beds where the head and / or feet could be raised and lowered, but they were old-style hand-cranked beds.
The dining hall.  Definitely no longer safe on the upper floor.  Probably not safe on the lower floor either.
The fireplace in the main section of the dining hall.  We were there in the summer, so I don't think I ever saw this thing actually lit.  People have apparently used it in the years since the camp closed.
The chapel.  Good view at the right time of morning, with the fog rolling by.
The pool in the foreground, along with the pool shack (filters, pumps, etc.) and a cabin in the background.  I don't remember which cabin this was.
With the pool in the background, this should have been the boy's head (bathroom / showers).
I think this was a cabin, but i'm not sure.  It might have been the girl's head.  Nah.  It was a cabin.
Cabin 7.  Those lucky 4-walled jerks.
I think this was cabin 9.
My wife (pictured) and I stayed one night in one of the cabins (9, 10, or 11) one year, long after the camp was closed.
My wife, asleep, in the same cabin.  Note the Dr Pepper can to the right.  We practiced 'pack it in, pack it out,' so we made sure to take our trash home with us.
The same cabin again, this time with an embarrassing thumb blur in the lower left corner.