The YMCA, who ran Camp Lackey.

Camp Lackey on Google Maps.  The large building in the middle of the image is the dining hall.

Camp Lackey on Yahoo Maps.

Riverside Mountain Rescue Unitís (RMRUís) account of mission number 7724A, a 9.5.77 account of the rescue of a 9 year old boy lost out of Camp Lackey.

RMRUís account of mission 1987-021, a 1987 account of the search for a lost hiker.

China Lake Mountain Rescue Groupís account of mission number 88-22, a 10.3.88 search for a lost boy.

An account of the Snow Fire of 8.21.07 that burned 6 structures at Camp Lackey.  Iíve read various news reports of the fire, and 6 to 8 structures are the numbers I hear most often.

Mount San Jacinto Outdoor Recreationís forum:  A thread about the Snow Fire.  Yichusí 8.22.07 posting (about 2/3 of the way down) talks about Camp Lackey.  The 2 story dormitory Yichus mentions should be the main dining hall, which was the only 2 story building in camp.  The dining hall portion of the building (maybe ĺ or so) was 1 story, with a high a-frame ceiling.  The remaining part of the building was the kitchen (lower half) and administrative / storage (upper half).  If itís still standing, this building is now dangerous as the 2nd floor has partially collapsed and the roof of the dining hall part has been hit by a tree.

An article about a YMCA fundraiser at the Cask And Cleaver Restaurant.  According to this article, in 1949 Mr and Mrs L R Lackey of Corona, CA donated a tract of land to the YMCA.  This article indicates that Camp Lackey was operated until 1990.  I donít know if that means the YMCA owned the land until 1990 or if there were actual camp sessions until 1990.  I know I wasnít at Camp Lackey for what would have been the 1988 (or later) session and I was pretty good about showing up each year towards the end.  There may have been 1988 / 1989 / 1990 sessions, but if I had to bet a dollar, Iíd bet against it.